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We are able to keep costs down by designing around the Eaton M90 3rd generation supercharger that was used in the Ford T-Bird “supercoupe” from 1989 to 1995. The inlet (must) be the oval as in late 1995 Ford went to a rectangular that is (not) “compatible” with this kit.

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The Supercharger can be found on Ebay, Craigs List, or your local wrecking yard at a cost of $200 to $350.

Where can I purchase the Supercharger?

Customer Questions and answers

A Supercharger Kit Designed For

The Ford 4.0L Single Overhead Cam Engine.

This kit (less) Supercharger has been in production since June 22 2005

What Supercharger is required?

Complete Kit - (less) Supercharger

Stage-1 Kit

This kit will safely handle up to 5-lbs boost using “Stock (3.16”) Supercharger Pulley” along with a Tune.

The stock computer will learn new settings (but) RPM’S must be kept at or below 4,000 rpm’s until you acquire a “tune” as she “will lean out at the very top end of the torque/hp curve (prior) to a tune!  

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