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We are able to keep costs down by designing around the Eaton M90 3rd generation supercharger that was used in the Ford T-Bird “supercoupe” from 1989 to 1995. The inlet (must) be the oval as in late 1995 Ford went to a rectangular that is (not) “compatible” with this kit.

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The Supercharger can be found on Ebay, Craigs List, or your local wrecking yard at a cost of $200 to $350.

Where can I purchase the Supercharger?

Customer Questions and answers

A Supercharger Kit Designed For

The Ford 4.0L Single Overhead Cam Engine.

This kit (less) Supercharger has been in production since June 22 2005

What Supercharger is required?

In - Development “Stage”

Banshee Supercharger - “Stage-2”

Where as some customers “Desire” to increase “Boost” pressure.

We are currently in the “testing stage” for an (internal) Intercooler. It is a “water/air” Heat Exchanger that will allow cooling of the discharge air from the supercharger to a (safe) level for added boost. Currently the non intercooled “Stage-1” can handle up to 6 lbs boost pressure “safely”

Here are a few pictures, to give you an idea of what we desire.

This was a copper heater core that went into the test vehicle. It was used extensively at a drag strip and we found it would not hold up to prolonged usage. This core is the same type used for your heater in your vehicle.


Update - 07/22/2015

We have just received a “custom” water/air intercooler specifically designed for my kit. It’s heavy duty aluminum unit with a design pressure of 300 psi, 250 deg F. I believe this will work very well as it will not have an electrolysis problem by being all aluminum. The aluminum fins are a heavier gauge and should not deteriorate as the thin copper ones did. Here’s a few pictures to give you a heads up on whats in the mill.