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We are able to keep costs down by designing around the Eaton M90 3rd generation supercharger that was used in the Ford T-Bird “supercoupe” from 1989 to 1995. The inlet (must) be the oval as in late 1995 Ford went to a rectangular that is (not) “compatible” with this kit.

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The Supercharger can be found on Ebay, Craigs List, or your local wrecking yard at a cost of $200 to $350.

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Customer Questions and answers

A Supercharger Kit Designed For

The Ford 4.0L Single Overhead Cam Engine.

This kit (less) Supercharger has been in production since June 22 2005

What Supercharger is required?

Q: On your installation, did you make any timing adjustments to compensate for increased intake temperature? And have you had any problems with knocking? Have you done any intake temperature monitoring to see how much the blower actually increase the IAT? (I live in AZ and it gets pretty hot in the summer out here. Temperature woes are always a huge problem for cars here.) Jan-17-06

A: No timing changes were made during the first 18,000 miles, just stock computer. From the day I installed it not a knock or a ping. No stats on IAT yet, but I have added test ports to the newer kits and plan to take readings soon. I don't think it will be much by only running 5.5 lbs of boost. Temp will rise @ higher boost 8-9 lbs.

Q: Do you run regular or super gas with your kit installed? Jan-17-06

A: I did change from 87 to 91 octane.

Q: I noticed that you also have computer mods on your personal truck. Did you dyno the truck before or after the computer mods were added? Also how much did the computer mods that you added cost you to install? Jan-17-06

A: I'd been running stock computer for about 18,000 miles as I put on about 118 miles per day. I notice that my mileage was starting to get better in mid septenber of last year, so took it in for dyno to see what was happening. The Dyno run indicated It was starting to get lean, so took it back in week later for a tune to enrichen the fuel. Nothing fancy with the tune just more fuel and improvement on the shift points. A tune will run a couple hundred.

Q: The stock 4.0 SOHC engine is specified to have 207hp a 5,250 rpm and 238 ft/lb at 3000 rpm. Your dyno chart actually shows only very moderate gains over this number, but drivetrain losses, and actual numbers often vary from the manufacturer numbers. Do you have a dyno chart of your truck BEFORE you installed the supercharger to use as a baseline so that I can gauge the actual performance improvement of the installation? Jan-17-06

A: The Stock 4.0 SOHC engine @ JBA Racing will put out 153hp & 176 lb ft tq at the rear wheels. Check out my website under (diary) and you'll see the 3- Dyno sheets and memo. Currently with stock injectors, Maff, etc I am running an additional 63hp and 74lb ft tq at the rear wheels. This is still with 5.5 lbs of boost. I expect to see 250hp @ rear wheels after the 80mm GT Maf & 30 lb injectors plus a good tune.