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We are able to keep costs down by designing around the Eaton M90 3rd generation supercharger that was used in the Ford T-Bird “supercoupe” from 1989 to 1995. The inlet (must) be the oval as in late 1995 Ford went to a rectangular that is (not) “compatible” with this kit.

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The Supercharger can be found on Ebay, Craigs List, or your local wrecking yard at a cost of $200 to $350.

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Customer Questions and answers

A Supercharger Kit Designed For

The Ford 4.0L Single Overhead Cam Engine.

This kit (less) Supercharger has been in production since June 22 2005

What Supercharger is required?

Q: I have a 2001 Ford Ranger that has a 4.0 SOHC. I just want to make sure that the kit will work before I buy. Thanks Jan-29-08

A:Yes, it will but is the EGR tube connected to the drivers side exhaust manifold? Don't purchase yet as it will be a week till I have more kits ready to ship. I am waiting for a shipment from Powdercoating. Have you checked out my website and Ranger Power Sports as a few individuals have my kit installed? Links are and

Q: What's up? Would this kit fit a 2002 Explorer 4.0? Jan-23-08

A:Yes, the engine in the 2002 Explorer 4.0 is the same as my 2002 Ranger. The only thing you should verify is that the air filter is on the passenger side. Check out under-hood pic's at

Q: What are the chances of supplying a blower to suit your kit and sending it to a address in the states? If so, could you give me a price for the hole kit including blower and shipping Apr-15-06?

A: I won't send a used blower, as I would not want the responsibility. The used supercharger I got on Ebay ran about 112.00 plus shipping, and I have right at 28,000 miles on it and still running great. Maybe in future I'll design with the New MP-90 Eaton, but that would cost another 1300.00. My idea was to keep cost down using available products.

Q: I am interested and am wondering if you can send pics of it installed? I am wondering how it looks once installed - my email is thankyou Apr-15-06

A: Email sent

Q: I have a 04 4x4 and I was wondering if I will have any problems with my auto tranny with this added HP. I really want to blow it but I drive 60mi a day with it. Rangers are dependable and I don't want to change that. Another thing is, how many pound pulley do you have or how many lb pulley is stock. thanks, Jim Apr-15-06

A: Jim, My ranger is my daily driver, and I put on aprox 120 miles per day. MY 02 had 92,000 miles on it when I installed the supercharger. I have now just turned 120,000 miles. Mine is a 5 speed automatic too. The stock Supercoupe pulley will give you right at 5.5 lbs boost. I am still running stock injectors and maf. With K&N cold air intake I'm getting close to 60 add'l hp at the rear wheels. With the by-pass you get boost on demand. While cruse or idle no boost. The 5r55e automatic transmission should handle up to 300hp at engine which will give you around 250hp at rear wheels. You will need to change from 87 to 91 octane. But my mileage has increased by about 10%, as it no longer kicks down on grades. Much more power. If you would like send me your personal email address and I'll send you a link to my website, as more info and pic's are available.