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We are able to keep costs down by designing around the Eaton M90 3rd generation supercharger that was used in the Ford T-Bird “supercoupe” from 1989 to 1995. The inlet (must) be the oval as in late 1995 Ford went to a rectangular that is (not) “compatible” with this kit.

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The Supercharger can be found on Ebay, Craigs List, or your local wrecking yard at a cost of $200 to $350.

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Customer Questions and answers

A Supercharger Kit Designed For

The Ford 4.0L Single Overhead Cam Engine.

This kit (less) Supercharger has been in production since June 22 2005

What Supercharger is required?

Q:  Hello there - will this fit on the OHV 4.0? Thanks, Jason Feb-09-08

A: Will not adapt to the OHV engine - only the SOHC. I hope to take that challenge on next!

Q:  Does this come with instructions so I can bolt this up myself? B.) How do I go about putting the intercooler on, where would it go, and which intercooler should I buy? Feb-09-08

A: There are instructions on removal of factory parts & instructions on assembly of new component parts. B.) Let me be perfectly clear - there is no intercooler available at this time. It is still in the design stage as a future option! This setup using the stock pulley on the M90 will provide a maximum of 6 lbs boost and an intercooler is not needed. This will give you a rear wheel gain of approx 60 hp.

Q: I just saw your web site - awesome! I read through the faq's and noticed that someone asked about maybe an M112 in the future. Have you gotten any closer to this manifold? Maybe in the next year or so? If not, the M90 will be fine for me. Just curious if I should hold off a little longer before I purchase if there will be that upgrade. Thanks, Ian Feb-07-08 A: I am currently completing a top plate for the M112, but still need to design the intake. The M90 kit is proven to be very reliable. I have one individual that will be testing the M112 setup along with myself. I will not market it until it has been proven reliable, as there are a few unknowns at present. The main reason for my re-design was to allow different superchargers. This will now be available by changing the manifold top plate only. So to
answer your question it could be a long wait until I feel comfortable to market the M112 kit.

Q: Hey I talked to you a while ago - sorry I didn't buy the kit then but I had a kid. I'm going to be ready in a couple weeks. I have a 2002 explorer sport I'm putting it on and I have a couple more questions. When I put the kit on will my truck run without a tune? I found a couple superchargers on ebay and was wondering if you could help me find the right one? Thanks Feb-03-08

A: Congratulations on the birth of your child! I ran the stock computer tune on my 2002 Ford Ranger for over 3 months. The computer will re-learn and set to the changed environment. The main problem I noticed when I did my first DYNO was it would lean out at high rpm and power levels. I then kept boost down to about 3 lbs until I went to an SCT tune event and purchased the ExcalibratorII and a tune for fuel and shift points only for my automatic. If you have a digital camera you might want to take some pictures under your hood, so I can verify that everything is the same as my Ranger. I would be happy to verify the Supercharger just send a link to my email it's <>